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Computer Aura Diagnostic

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The GDV system of Dr.Korotkov has undergone extensive clinical trials in Russia and its diagnostic accuracy has been found to be better than 95%. The weakest organs/subsystems in the body/mind system can be identified at a glance as a disruption in harmony and coherence of the recorded electrophotonic glow. GDV software assists in data analysis. The speed, accuracy and comprehensiveness of GDV diagnostics are amazing. They cannot be matched using any other human state monitoring technology available on the Earth today.

The GDV diagnostic permits us to evaluate not only the physical state of the organs and systems, but also the energetic state of the body and psychological condition of the patient. It gives the opportunity to stop the disease at a very early stage or even prevent it.

Since electrophotonic GDV images contain comprehensive information about the human state at the moment of recording, they can be used to monitor human response to treatments .

It doesn't matter what treatment you choose to investigate using GDV. It can be chemical/hormonal, herbal or homeopathic medicine, acupuncture, remote healing or a placebo treatment.

A typical procedure involves recording a person's initial state and the state after the treatment has been applied. In most cases it is possible to decide within a few minutes whether the treatment has a positive, disruptive or neutral effect for a given person.

The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must come from nature, with an open mind.


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