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Physiotherapy helps restore movement and function treats functional limitations arising from injuries and diseases that affect muscles, joints, and bones, as well as circulatory (blood vessels) and others.

Physiotherapy professionals employ a variety of treatment methods including manual techniques, Advanced technological equipment (see below), electrical modalities, exercises, heat therapy and cold therapy.

The Physiotherapy plan will focus on ability to engage in movement and will be unique and individual Your active participation is essential for success of the treatment!

10 reasons you should visit a physiotherapist:

1. Does your upper and lower back hurt and it hurts to stretch?
2. Does your back lock when you bend down and you can't get up?
3. Do you spend many hours in front of computer and behind the desk? Is your neck, back, and wrists hurt from prolonged sitting?
4. Is it hard to perform activities you enjoy? Does it hurt to run and jump? Do you experience pain in your knees, feet and ankles?
5. Are your feet swollen in the morning and hurts to step on them? Do you feel sharp pain on your soles or heels?
6. Do you feel swelling, stiffness, pain in your joints?
7. Do you have a stiff/frozen shoulder and can't move it or raise your arms?
8. Do you have a poor posture due to type of work you do and you want to fix it?
9. Do you experience numbness in your feet?
10. Do you feel other pain or discomfort due to prolonged sitting, standing, writing, typing, walking, lifting, carrying, banding and other stressors you put on your body as a result of a daily pattern?

We can treat:
  • Sports injuries/Sprains/Strains
  • Tennis elbow/ Golf syndrome
  • Acute and chronic inflammation/Arthritis
  • Delayed bone healing
  • Frozen shoulder/stiffness
  • Muscle pain/Neck/Back pain
  • Spinal conditions/Post-surgery conditions/Fractures
  • Heel spur/ Achilles tendinitis/Plantar Fasciitis
  • Lower back pain/ Sciatica/ Poor posture
  • And much more ...

Equipment available at the clinic:


The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must come from nature, with an open mind.


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